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Look after your glasses well

                                                                                                  Look after your glasses well Almost one in three people in the world are wearing glasses, so the resource of material of glasses is huge. On the other hand, facing the pressing of fast-paced life, many people have to wear glasses to complete their work and study. Whatever considered from environment protection or protecting people’s eyesight, we should look after our glasses better, and today, let’s talk about how to look after your glasses. A new pair of completed Stingy Specs glasses besides being affordable – is also very durable. And with a little care and proper handling, you won’t find the need to replace your glasses sooner than necessary. Here are some hints and tips for looking after your Stingy Specs: A) How to clean Spectacle Lenses - everyday cleaning To clean the lenses in your glasses use a Spray Lens Cleaner, and gently wipe with a tissue - ensure the tissue is non-moisturizing. Do not use a tissue by itself without a spray cleaner. Try our efficient S-SPECS Lens Cleaner! Order it from the accessories section. Or gently wipe lenses with microfarad lens cloth. Try Stingy Specs exclusive S-WIPES. Please ensure your cloth is clean. S-Wipes can be washed in the washing machine - no conditioning agents! If the cloth is too soiled, just replace it. Extra dirty microfarad cloth may scratch your lenses. Refer to ozone 6 for information on microfarad cleaning cloths. B) How to Clean Greasy Spectacle Lenses: For very greasy glasses lenses, use tepid water (never hot) with mild dishwashing detergent. Gently absorb water with a tissue. Ethylated Spirits for Cleaning Glasses Lenses Please read the following carefully before trying ethylated spirits; It is OK to dampen a tissue with ethylated spirits and wipe the lenses with the tissue. This is one of the best ways to clean anti-reflective coatings. HOWEVER: lenses made of a plastic called polycarbonate must not be cleaned with ethylated spirits as this may damage the lens, if unsure about your lens type do not use this ethylated spirits - at Stingy Specs we do not sell polycarbonate lenses. NB: some plastic frames may crack on contact with ethylated spirits. Some non-ophthalmic quality lenses, such as lenses used in cheap rimless sunglasses may be damaged by ethylated spirits. C) Can Scratches be polished out of Lenses? No, scratches cannot be removed from lenses by polishing as this would change the surface shape of the lens. This would mean that the optics of the lens would change and you would not be able to see with the lenses. Attention: a) Never use your clothing to clean your glasses, as dirt trapped in the fibers will scratch the lenses. b) Never use hot water on an anti-reflective coated lens, as the coating may crack. Do not use household cleaners, disinfectants, acetone or soaps with cream/moisturizers on your lenses. c) Do not use paper toweling at all, or unhampered tissues on lenses - as these fibers can cause scratches. d) Avoid exposing your glasses to products such as hairspray and perfume as they can damage lens coatings, and cosmetics can dirty the lenses and nose pads. D) Handling and Storage of your Glasses To put on and remove your glasses, use both hands, one on each side. If you use one hand only, you can distort the frame shape or damage the hinge mechanism. When not in use, always store your glasses in its case, not your pocket or purse/handbag. (Extra cases are available from Stingy Specs - view our range) Noticed: a) Do not leave your glasses on the dash-board of the car or any other hot area, as the heat will damage any coatings. b) Do not leave the lenses face down on any surface as that will scratch the lenses. c) Do not wear your glasses on top of your head as you can distort the shape of the frame or they can fall off your head and become damaged. Important explanation: Keep toddlers and pets away from fun toys like your new Stingy Specs glasses! E) Spectacle Frame Maintenance Everything around us thrives and goes a long way with a little love and care. And the same applies to your new Stingy Specs! Try and use the tips and suggestions below… and get the best that Stingy Specs can give. Clean frame and nose pad with warm soapy water and dry with a tissue. It is normal to replace your nose pads at least once a year if your frames worn regularly. An optical shop will replace your nose pads for you at a cost. The screws used to secure the lenses used in our S-SPECS frames are treated with Lactate® 243 Thread locker. This process stops the screws from loosening – very rarely have we had lenses fall out. The hinge screws are not treated with Lactate® and may need to be tightened gently (do not over-tighten!) using an S-SPECS Screwdriver, which is available in our S-SPECS Maintenance Kit. So, better knowing, better helping.

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